We manage things for you, so that you can rest assured.

With us, your projects will be aligned in the right direction… the direction of success.

Managing projects can be a real headache. As your service partner, we take pleasure in taking over your worries and concerns.

Excellence all through

SS Global LLC Infotech has a team of solution architects, hardware engineers and business process experts who takes holistic approach to evaluate hardware, technology, integration and business processes best suited to the client. SS Global LLC adopts futuristic best practices approach to achieve end to end streamlining of business processes, integration with third party systems and high priority business goals.

Dedication… Personified

At SS Global LLC Infotech we execute projects based on an agile time-tested approach that focuses on requirements , design , development , Testing and QA , Go-Live , and support . As project progresses we provide deliverables to client project team and to the sponsors of the project. We always intend to work with client IT and project teams so that knowledge transfer and organizational change management would be easier for business teams.

Our project assessments are based on following main aspects

» Business Scenario analysis: Industry sector best practices, Line of     business, target audience, and client value chain analysis.

» Business processes and requirement analysis: analyze existing business     processes, external and internal business process integration analysis, MIS reporting analysis.

» Project assessment and implementation analysis: Detail assessment of   scope of work, business process breakdown structure, requirement    analysis, resources v/s time analysis, development matrix analysis,        testing matrix analysis and training and support requirement analysis.

» Software requirement analysis: Development platform, Integration    software, data base software selection, operating systems, security     requirements, testing tools etc.

»  Hardware requirement analysis: Server, storage, integration requirement     analysis based on master data and transactional data analysis.

»  Solutions go live sustaining support analysis.