We all know that a patient's medical and insurance information taken at registration must be accurate in order to provide appropriate treatment/care and to ensure proper and prompt payment of claims. Unfortunately, accuracy has become a greater challenge as the payer market gets more complex and riddled with compliance and regulatory/ contractual rules.

ESignIn is an centralized, network driven patient management system, which captures complete and relevant patient information like visit reason, insurance company etc. Searching by loyalty number makes it much user friendly. The system automates the patient administration functions to have better and efficient patient care process. Appointment scheduling deals with scheduling of physician appointments for the patients. Telephonic appointments for loyalty patients can also be scheduled. Administration functions like acknowledging to a patient, adding patient details, assigning loyalty number, generating reports and exporting to pdf, analyzing data by charts etc are efficiently performed in ESignIn. All these features are explained in a bit more detail in next section.

Features and benefits

Following are the features and benefits provided by ESignIn:

  • Registering a new patient with all the details like Name, Date of birth, visit reason, insurance etc.
  • At registration patient can be searched by loyalty number, if found then all the details are populated automatically. If found more than one(Family member can have same loyalty number) then a pop up window shows and appropriate entry can be selected from that.
  • Clerk window automatically shows new patient as it registers. Time of waiting gets increase every minute for a . Color of record in clerk window gets change according to patient waiting time.
  • Clerk window shows patients on first come first serve basis but some critical patients like heart patient etc are shown with highest priority.
  • Clerk call to patient and acknowledge it in system. System calculates response time for patient.

  • Each user(patient, clerk and Admin) gets access to system only what is necessary for them. Only Admin has full access to system.
  • Clerk can only see patients of its own location only while admin can see patients from all locations.
  • Visit reasons, their priorities, insurance, location can be added, edited in system.
  • Users can be managed and their accessibility level can be defined in system.
  • Summarized or detailed report can be seen for specified period of time by location, clerk etc. Reports can be exported to pdf for later use.
  • Reports can be analyzed by charts also.