GEO123 is an iPhone app developed for kids for learning Geographical and Political information's of the world. The main goal of the app is to provide mob ility information to kids about the world whenever they need. The app contains search and quiz features. by using the advance search technology kids can find gegraphical information. The app also provides the an intelligent quiz feature by which kids can test their knowledge about the Geography of the world. the quiz is customizable according to kids need and knowldege.

The quiz provide three level of playing quiz : Begginer,intermediate and professional. In beginner level kids have a choice of question been put up from their home country or selected country. It has also customizable no. of question play. The quiz stores the score obtained in various level's. The advance search feature of GEO123 gives a faster search speed to the user to find particular informationn according to the keyword specified. the app also uses the Google Map for showing continent, country and capital maps.


  • Continent, country, state information
  • Google Map to show continent, country and states map
  • Countries history, flag, animal, bird, capital and various other information
  • Search feature to find information related to geography
  • Intelligent quiz game for testing knowledge