HopTheLine provides instant access to your favorite events. NO WAIT!

HopTheLine is an online service that people everywhere use to create, share, and join any event imaginable. We enable event creation, promotion and ticket sales. We help people to discover events that match their passions. And we let everyone to share the events they're creating or joining, bringing more people together around the world. HopTheLine is not only useful for buyer’s it useful for businesses and event organizers too. You can follow the HopTheLine shared by the businesses from your favorite social media providers. Loyal consumers like you know how hard it can be to access the best things in life. By following your likes through your preferred social media outlets, you will be alerted of opportunities to HopTheLine!

For Business

Event Scheduling

Need to sell event tickets on a mobile phone or through the internet for Free? Would you like to offer your customers a line pass on a busy night? HopTheLine provides the ability to schedule events, or offer VIP access to your customers. With our flexible scheduling model, you can sell a HopTheLine (HTL) Pass ahead of time, or at the start of an event. Need to print and track your guest list? HTL passes can be securely validated using HTL Mobile for Business or through our secure business portal on the web. Your customers simply present their pass at the door for instant access. Our true value is that through our social media integration you can now capture customer revenue when they are ready and willing to pay a premium. Be CREATIVE! Where could you be making more money?

Facebook and Twitter Integration

HopTheLine leverages the importance of social media by tweeting or posting your event details automatically. We realize your time is valuable, and take the heavy lifting off your hands. Rather than posting, and then tweeting and then whatever else, we do it all for you with the click of a single button. Wherever possible, we include a link right back to your event page, so that users can quickly access the event and purchase a pass of their own. Imagine, using the power of Facebook and Twitter to tell friends and friends of friends about your event. Let your Raving Fans get access. There are many people willing to pay a premium to get into your bar, onto your golf course, a seat at your table or for like we said be creative. Your followers deserve some VIP opportunities!

Google Maps Integration

Worried about your guests finding you? For your users, we provide instant access and directions to or from the event. They are only a click away once they reach your event details page. We offer an additional convenience for GPS enabled devices by auto-populating the current location. We are really proud of this design, you should sign up for free and check it out!

Secure HTL Pass Validation

HopTheLine protects you and your customers by securing the HTL Pass. The host of the event need only to enter the code into our secure validation page and we'll give the go-ahead. Who needs tickets? This feature allows you to validate customers using magic.

To expedite the process, we allow for QR codes to be scanned using HTL Mobile for Business (FREE).

For Member

Get Instant Access (Hop The Line)

Need instant access to a restaurant, bar, night-club or event! Why wait? HopTheLine helps you find your way in the door right now! HopTheLine presents a VIP type advantage for you, over other consumers, who are waiting in the same line as you for the best club, the best restaurant, the best tea time, the new video game, the best hair stylist and any other experience worth paying to HopTheLine! Using our map based search from an internet browser or mobile phone, you can locate and buy a pass to that favorite hotspot or restaurant. Not only that, but with one click, you can share (or tweet) the link to the event you just purchased with your friends!

Share Your Events Automatically

On the go? Want to get the message out to your friends! Once you buy a pass, you can hotlink the event to your friends so they can join you! Simply click the share button, type a quick note and off it goes, automatically posted/ tweeted to your friends. After securing VIP treatment from HopTheLine, share where and what you are going to do. Type once and share in many places! Also, loyal consumers like you know how hard it can be to access the best things in life. By following your likes through your preferred social media outlets, you will be alerted of opportunities to HopTheLine!

Get Direction To Your Event

Why leave our site at all? After you share what you will be doing, benefit from yet another feature of your free membership by getting directions. Click directions, type in your location of departure or where you are currently standing and instantly receive directions. Purchase, share, turn by turn directions? we did say VIP treatment, right? With our map-based search, you can find an event and get directions with the click of a button! For mobile users, we'll even use your current position (GPS Enabled Devices only).

Secure HTL Payment Gateway Integration

Paper tickets? Why not go back to chisel and stone? You can use your HTL Pass code at the door, or even have the QR code scanned. Have friends coming later? We'll validate them as well, and keep accurate count of your party. Of course if you want to lug that chisel and stone, we'll grab the code off of that as well.