Task & Activity Management

In order, for today's businesses and organizations to maintain, improve customer service and optimize resource utilization, their task and activity management software must help to create an efficient, cost effective, web based customer focused support environment!

If you track support requests on paper or spreadsheet or have help desk solution that is no longer adequate for your current needs, we invite you take a look at our T&A Management which enables you to provide a cost effective internet customer support and issue management environment.

T&A Management is web-based issue management software that offers you the facility of tracking issues, managing issue assignment, keeping track of generated ticket from date of posting to meet with client’s needs and satisfaction, keeping track of company’s resources, assigned task, features of automatic email notifications, SMS alert as per client preferences, attachment handling, easy report in graphical view for generated tickets.


Following are the features provided by T&A management:
Saas based and industry standards

  • Completely web based solution - only a web browser is needed to use system.
  • Easily accessible on your corporate intranet or website.
  • Developed in industry standard architecture {Using oracle rdbms and Open source framework(java/struts)}

Easy login process for member, admin and resource
  • Easy login process for members, where member need to provide required valid login name and password.
  • Enhance managerial functionality of tickets in less efforts via easy login feature to admin.

User friendly end member portal
Completely web based user friendly solution that provide functionality for
  • submitting ticket in less efforts.
  • Having facility for setup ticket priority to low, medium and high.
  • Having facility to categories ticket on the basis of tag like general or related to other admin define ticket tag.
  • Graphical presentation for ticket’s current status that enable member to view submitted ticket summary in easy way and to view over all ticket updates.
Powerful end member portal
  • Having functionality of setting user preferences for ticket updates notification like automatic email alerts and sms notifications.
  • Having functionality of filtering tickets on the basis of their current status.
  • Having feature of user profile management.
  • Feature to view ticket complete history from beginning to current date where user can view complete updates of ticket and can post new updates to support team.
  • Feature to easily attach any required document related to ticket like any image file or document file while submitting the ticket.
  • Feature to easily cancel the open ticket.
  • Feature to close any completed ticket at any time.
  • Feature to re-open any ticket after getting close of it.
  • Complete dashboard that is quite easy to navigate to any required action in less number of clicks.
  • Searching of tickets at instant way by their title.
  • Role mapping for users to create new user profile to access portal.
  • Feature of user creation for user having rights to create new user for company

Administrator dashboard
  • Admin dashboard is centralized view for all current task and activity.
  • In admin dashboard, you can view multiple companies and their user’s posted tickets and their updates.
  • Admin dashboard with the ticket listing and many key features that allows admin to perform operation on tickets.
  • Listing of all tickets with their current status and progress details with user and company detail.
  • Easy to perform action on ticket using action button on listing for less efforts working.
  • Graphical representation of tickets that helps admin to filter company wise ticket summary.
  • Graphical representation of tickets summary that allows admin to know current updates and over-all tickets updates.
  • Functionality to view the ticket details on the basis of companies and their users with easy navigation of graph view to drill downs.
  • Option to view ticket details with easy graph navigation that allows admin to flow company wise and their user wise and total ticket status wise summary.

Easy ticket assignment process
  • Admin portal provide functionality to assigne any open ticket to resource on the basis of their availability and ticket priority.
  • Functionality to view resource, assigned task and their status.
  • Functionality to set estimate completion date of ticket.
  • Functionality to provide additional notes while assignment of ticket which can be helpful for resource to solve it.