Life's too short to waste time in waiting on hold. We're completely independent of the taxi companies, which mean you can receive a taxi in the shortest possible time using the most appropriate taxi company – rather than only sending bookings to taxis that we own.

Taxi4Me provides a convenient, single point of access to all of taxi subscribers. Taxi4Me is most sophisticated and globally acclaimed taxi dispatch system provided by taxi subscribers. Taxi4Me provide technology which allows online communication between taxi drivers and customer, which is fast, secure, affordable and economical tariff through tamper proof electronic fare meters. Trusted and preferred taxi service brands are provided for customer satisfaction and safety. Taxi4me provides a way of providing feedback by rating taxis and drivers to make services better.

For Passengers

Easiest way to approach taxi

  • Quick & Easy Taxi Booking: Passengers can see all available taxis on single click, system automatically detect your current position and show all nearest taxis, can send request to your favorite taxis. You can search specific taxis for your convenience.

  • Save Time & Money (Effective Bidding Process): Taxi4Me allows you to save time and money by less efforts and less time with It's easy and effective process. You can book a cheapest taxi in less number of clicks and save money by our effective bidding system. You can send request to specific and nearest available taxis for your journey even you can choose your taxi type too.

  • Advance Booking: Taxi4Me allows you to make your journey much comfortable by it's advance booking system. In Taxi4Me's advance booking system, you can send request to your favorite drivers with a selected taxi type and you can get benefit of our bidding system in advance booking too to save your money.

  • Happier Passengers: Taxi4Me makes It's users happier because once a booking is made the passenger can track the ride. Time of arrival is estimated and once a job is started, the passenger can see the exact location of the taxi on the map!

For Drivers

Grow your business at high speed

  • Save Fuel & Money: Within app direct hailing, drivers burn less fuel cruising for jobs. Passengers can find your cab even if it doesn't drive right in front of them. Also as the passenger enters all the information, you will save money on call center staff.

  • New Sales Channels: Taxi4Me provide new ways for your passengers to reach you. Passengers can book or hail your cars from the Taxi4Me smart phone app. We also offer a simple to use web booking interface, where passengers can enter their ride details and book. The web booking can easily be integrated into your webpage. If you can copy and paste a single line of HTML then you can start receiving internet bookings from your webpage today!

  • Mange Trips: Manage bookings and track payments at anytime from anywhere. Obtain passenger details at the click of a button. Restrict bookings within specific number of hours. Restrict pickup and drop off locations.

  • Happier Driver: How often do you receive annoyed calls from passengers wondering where their taxi is? Many jobs are also lost when lines are busy and passengers call a competing business. With Taxi4Me in app or web booking the customer will never be stuck on hold, and once a booking is made the passenger can track the ride. Time of arrival is estimated and once a job is started the passenger can see the exact location of the taxi on the map!

The Taxi4Me booking system is optimized to send request automatically to desired taxis as well as it even looks into the future! By analyzing each driver's job queue, the system is able to determine which taxi will be closest on the scheduled time of pick up!


  • Our booking system will help your customers to recall the name of cab service
  • Repeated customers can be given better deals
  • Provide more personalized services by recording the likes and dislikes of your customers
  • Locate the addresses of your repeated customers easily because your cabs have already been their once
  • Helps you to contact your first time customers from time to time to find out if they require your service
  • Determine from which area you are getting most of your revenues
  • Automate your repeat business
  • Helps you to target your marketing efforts on potential customers because of the data you have
  • Make your accounting easier