SS Global LLC is committed to deliver extensive and advanced technological solutions of Asset Monitoring to multiple asset-intensive industries like manufacturing, transportation, Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities, Healthcare, etc. Our Asset Monitoring Solutions are designed in such a way to track, analyze and optimize heavy industrial assets and equipment & to maintain their expected health. As it has been observed that managing and tracking of assets and inventory can be daunting and challenging due to lack of real-time information visibility & less data accuracy. It also makes industries unable to track their real-time RoA (Return of Assets).

Our “IoT-enabled Asset monitoring technology” offers value-driven solutions & empowers industries to achieve optimal RoA by tracking actual flows of their assets. SSG smart assets allow industries to enhance their business scalability and efficiency by knowing what work each asset is doing, how much each asset is optimized & their lifetime value. With real-time AI-based IoT technologies, we deliver actionable, customizable and automated smart asset solutions which help our clients to monitor how customers are using the assets and understand to improve the user experience.

About SSG Smart Asset Solutions

SSG Smart Asset Solution is especially designed for analysing and monitoring the workflows of industrial assets and inventories. Our solutions are connected with cloud web, data analytics and ai-based wireless devices combine all traditional solutions of asset monitoring, manual processes and workflows into one single solution which offer advanced, centralized & comprehensive tracking and analytics facilities. SS Global LLC has created value in the market through this IoT-enabled technology integrated with advanced motion sensors & cloud-based servers. Apart from offering insights of asset movements, locations and inventory health status, this smart asset management solution delivers intelligent & predictive real-time data visibility stored in cloud based servers. It helps our clients to predict asset maintenance, track locations, inventory status, managing orders etc. in a more digitized and intelligent way.