Noke Bluetooth Padlock

Nokē an IoT Bluetooth Padlock, with enhanced security measures and access control. The lock is Key Independent and can be accessed only by authorized users. Nokē, the world’s first Bluetooth padlock, allows users to protect their belongings and easy access without a physical key, or code combinations. The Nokē lock application is customized to the Indian market requirements to improve upon the operational efficiency, security, and reduction in theft incidences. The solution is beneficial for various industries like transportation, jewellery, high net-worth asset movements, etc

Compliance and Audit trails

Easy and flexible installation

Easy User and lock access management

Interactive Dashboard and User friendly interface

Keyless lock/unlock mechanism

Location and user visibility

Multiple user can access single lock as well multiple locks

OTP Based access mechanism

Reports & Analytics

Single Click Access management

Third party Integartion capabilities