Smart Farming


SS Global LLC believes that “IoT has brought drastic change in the field of agriculture with the aim of driving a digital revolution in productivity, and sustaining the need of intensification of food and crops production”. These days where IoT has been becoming a foundation to accelerate major growth in farming with its digital and automated monitoring processes, real-time data analysis techniques and use of revolutionary robotics technologies, it has empowered farmers to do their businesses in a smart way.

“Smart Farming” is a revolutionary and rapidly growing gardening technique which is helping farmers and producers to make smart choices in their backyards or farms in order to increase food production & improving work efficiency under the supervision of smart monitoring and control systems. In other terms “it is considered as a plant environmental monitoring system which helps gardeners to monitor and control air temperature, moisture, humidity to drive growth in productivity.

About SSG Smart Faming Solution

SSG IoT Solutions of “Smart Farming is highly efficient, reliable and smart to collect, analyse and monitor real-time data and information related to atmosphere temperature, humidity, salinity and depth of the water. Our solution helps to analyze all rare factors to resolve a number of problems that come up while planting or gardening in the agricultural sector. This solution is based on different kinds of monitoring sensors like temperature sensors, humidity sensors, solar radiation sensors and many to optimize the needs and visualize the atmospheric conditions in greenhouses. It is easy to use and also supports farmers to make quick and the right risk predictions and farming forecasting related to environmental changes and plant diseases.

Need of IoT Solutions In Agriculture

“Smart Farming Solution” is also known as Plantect in some markets, it is a new AI-powered gardening solution with automated environmental monitoring systems to track real-time environmental changes and predict atmospheric conditions while gardening and planting. This AI-developed technology is highly convenient and reliable for farmers and gardeners to detect plant diseases such as leaf mold, powdery mildew, black leaf mold, gray mold, corynespora leaf spot, and more effectively and bring revolutionary changes in the farming sector.

Featured Characteristics of SSG Smart Farming

SS Global LLC is highly committed to delivering smart and innovative solutions in human’s life to make their life earlier and business better. SSG Smart farming solution is another name of the industrial revolution in the agriculture sector. With advanced AI-powered automation technology, it efficiently handles more sophisticated tasks to increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs. In this early agricultural revolutionary era, techniques like - robotics, drones, ai-powered sensors and many can make farming easy, advanced, and independent. Other characteristics of SSG Smart Farming

Weather conditions

Solar Radiation sensors are used in smart farming to collect data in terms of moisture precipitation, dew detection and climate forecasting to determine the weather patterns in agriculture so that cultivation can be done within a smart manner.

Digital-based image processing

Our smart farming solution offers a digital image processing system based on camera installed sensors and drones placed at the multiple corners of the farms to collect images from different angles which undergo digital image processing. Through sensors based drones, farmers can detect problems and changes and control the factors that limit their productivity and growth.

Crop Monitoring

Humidity & temperature sensors are used to trace the growth and production of crops in greenhouses. It detects and gives insights into humidity changes, light changes, temperature, crop shapes, and sizes in order to bring revolutionary changes in the farming process.

AI-Based Remote Sensing

The main feature of “Smart Farming” is IoT based remote sensors which are placed along them farms to collect real-time data & analyze environmental changes while gardening. These sensors are used like a weather station to transmit and monitor the crops and give the right and accurate insights are temperature and humidity.

Quality Control

Computerized irrigation monitoring

Smartly detection of environmental changes

Reduced Environmental Footprint

Real Time Data & Production Insight

Efficient Remote & Equipment Monitoring