Smart Home


A Smart Home is a concept that uses internet-connected devices to enable the remote monitoring & tracking of home appliances, assets, and systems such as lighting, temperature, security, energy, and heating. Smart home IoT solutions refer to as home automation technology that provides comfort, convenience, and efficiency to households with smart home applications, platforms, and networking devices.

IoT contributes to the Internet connection and remote management of mobile applications, incorporated with a variety of sensors and cloud-based technologies. Sensors are integrated with home appliances like air-conditioners, lighting, other environmental devices. These sensors are automated with cloud-native servers that embed computer intelligence into home automation devices to provide ways in monitoring home conditions, assets, and home appliances functionality. Cloud technologies integrated with smart home automation systems, provide scalable & effective storage space & real-time information visibility to develop, maintain and access home devices anywhere at any time.

About SS Global Home Solution

We at SS Global LLC design smart home automation & monitoring systems that deliver advanced, integrated and cloud-based tracking solutions for home appliances, assets and important belongings. We use smart building sensors, devices, appliances, etc. that allows householders and users to export relevant information about home devices from everytime, everywhere. These smart home solutions are integrated with building automation and cloud embedded technology that deliver insights, real-time data analytics related to residential appliances, lighting, heating, air-conditioning, TVs, kitchen appliances etc. SSG Smart Home Solution consists of switches, sensors and digital cameras which connect with cloud-based servers to keep tracking all data and information and save them directly to the server. Users can directly get complete access through their smartphones or systems to monitor every little change from every corner of the world. If anything goes wrong, it can be monitored remotely with automated alert messaging and notifications. SSG Smart home provides security, energy efficiency with higher customer satisfaction results & lower costing outcomes. SS Global believes in delivering highly adaptive, adjustable and customizable IoT solutions to meet future industrial needs as per home residents’ perspective.

Managing Home Conditions

SSG Smart Home - IoT is equipped with a set of digital sensors which helps to measure the environmental changes and conditions - temperature, humidity, lighting & proximity. SSG smart sensors capture & store several data related to lighting ratio calculation, images, videos etc. over the cloud infrastructure. Users can access and visualize images stored over the server when they get the alert messages or notifications through a signal processor on their phone or system.

Home Appliance Monitoring

SSG Smart Home is beneficial to create a cloud-based service and manage home appliances effectively from anywhere. Users can easily monitor and control their electronics assets - lamps, fans, AC, TCs through phone effectively. Smart actuators (switches, values, etc.) are integrated with smart home systems which help to control the functionalities, positioning, and on-off mode of appliances automatically without any manual intervention.

Virtual data access from centralized platform

SSG Smart home solutions provide virtual data access facilities through automated and centralized platforms to users where they can easily monitor and track every change and event effectively. Sensors, integrated with cameras, can effectively click and record videos and images from time to time. Users can trigger uncertain changes through data stored in cloud-native servers & respond effectively.

Smart Control, Smart Security

The SSG IoT solutions significantly improve the way users can control and monitor all the processes taking place at your home. Smart Home facilities help to collect, access and monitor data remotely by sharing significant insights. It increases security tactics to protect your home appliances & assets by sending automatics notifications & alerts messages at preset levels. Households can also take care of their child by keeping an eye on their activities with Smart Home solutions

Reduce Human errors and interventions

SS Global LLC offers smart home solutions which are beneficial to reduce human interference, errors and increase the comfort and efficiency level of users. As people always want everything in a more convenient & flexible manner, so SSG smart home is a great achievement in the direction to run home processes autonomously without any human intervention.