Tempratue and Humidity

A temperature monitoring solution is immensely beneficial to industries where temperature plays a crucial role in defining the quality of the products. Moreover, in a cold chain, a temperature monitoring solution allow a logistic manager to monitor the temperature of the item being transported in real-time.

In this solution, thermostats and sensors continuously measure the temperature of a closed system and share it with a centralized platform over a network. By using this platform, an individual can remotely monitor the temperature of the system and make sure that the cargo is being shipped within a temp-controlled environment

The use of temperature monitoring sensors has enabled the monitoring of change in temperature affecting the quality of the products. Their implementation in different sectors has empowered the logistics and warehousing operations of a company. The solution these sensors offers along with IoT allows companies to monitor the temperature of their products in a cold chain. This is enabling companies to ensure the quality of their products while they are in transit.

The applications of temperature monitoring systems are quite versatile. They offer exemplary benefits in terms of keeping the environmental conditions stable and controlled as per specific requirements. Below are the top 5 benefits that this solution offers:

Digital temperature monitoring

Equipment Monitoring

exception based alert and notification

Food Safety Compliances

Goods in Transit

Machine Performance

No manual logs

Real time data input

schedule reports

Seamless access over smart devices

Set alert or exception rules

single click information

Warehouse and Inventory Management