Managed Services

Our qualified experts will obtain the most out of your resources and technological investments. Our qualified personnel can provide proactive issue management 24/7, and ensure that your systems are always optimized and high functioning.

Foundation Services

Our help desk assistance for SLA-driven resolution of issues encountered in your Cloud / hosted environment is at the heart of our Managed Services service.

Functional Support

Improve the quality and lower the cost of service by solving functional issues and requests as soon as possible. SSG provides functional support and expertise for Cloud, E-Business Suite, Oracle EPM, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, and Oracle Business Intelligence across a wide range of industries.

Platform Management

It enables customers to manage systems across platforms to satisfy business needs and procedures better. Hosting your application is merely one aspect of it.
It is necessary to tune and optimise the platform to ensure that your application runs at peak efficiency.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup protects and retrieves critical business data as per government and industry standards, whilst disaster recovery is a service that includes health monitoring and continuous replication data, and cloud systems.

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Security, Audits & Compliance

SS Global LLC feels that IoT has brought about significant change in the sector of agriculture, to drive a digital revolution in productivity and support the need for food and crop intensification.

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Implementation and Development Services

Revolutionizing the healthcare industry with effective Internet of Things (IoT) integration and improving the complete ecosystem of healthcare facilities to assist and manage every device and component of a hospital building.

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Cloud Hosting

Instead of hosting your website or app on a single machine, the cloud allows you to distribute your data among several, networked servers spread across a large geographical area.

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Infrastructure Migration

Smart home IoT solutions are home automation technologies that use smart home applications, platforms, and networking devices to deliver comfort, convenience, and efficiency to families.

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Infrastructure Monitoring

Our Asset Monitoring Solutions are designed to track, analyze, and optimize heavy industrial assets and equipment, and to keep them in good working condition.