About Us

The Company, SS Global LLC established in 2001, in the state of New Jersey, the USA with a mission to serve as a partner in providing advanced services and solutions to industries and enhance the process, application, and resource efficiency to attain overall profitability.

The company, SS Global LLC specializes in IT consultancy and IoT integration for process enhancements and providing total supply chain solution, developing innovative applications, and supporting project management, to enable the client to streamline and manage resources like- manpower, vehicles, and assets including raw materials, manufacturing processes, distribution and customer service functionality. The company as well deals in managed services of Cloud Hosting, Infrastructure Migration and Monitoring, Data Security, Audit and Compliance for an organization, and providing real-time access to critical management data and asset visibility throughout the entire eco-system.

Our Vision

To introduce simple yet powerful technology to the world and to influence the day to day life of people. We are here to not to change but inspire the world with our remunerative ideas!

Our Mission

To impact with our next-gen solutions, bring innovations, and influence people’s life.

Our Esteemed Clients