Internet of things (IoT), an extension of Internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects. Embedded with electronics, Internet connectivity, and other forms of hardware.

In the mining industry, IoT is used as a means of improving safety measures, productivity optimization, and achieving cost.

Some challenges in Mining Industry

Limited or unreliable connectivity

Resource allocation

Unpredictable Asset Retrieval

Increased Maintenance Costs

Lack of Central Data Source

Limited Visibility

Non-Optimum Utilization of Assets

IoT automates tasks and limits human intervention while providing real-time visibility into critical operations. It empowers supervisors and operators to analyse data related to drilling, pit controlling, mine planning, worker status and location, etc. with the help of visual graphs and tools.

Benefits For Mining Industry

Real-time analytics to understand possible process variability and deviations

Improved traceability and visibility into critical operations

Optimized production/operations

Process Standardization

Predict potential threats to avoid sudden downtime

Smart inventory management

ERP Integration