Consulting Services

The founders have extensive experience in operations and supply chain management (SCM). We use our expertise to design solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, allowing them to accelerate their growth.

We offer industry-leading digitalization, software development, application integration, quality assurance, and agile consulting services.

We assist technological advances and operations, enabling major organisations to migrate to the AWS Cloud in a simple and safe manner.

We use our skill set, Domain Experts, and understanding of Business Processes to build the best solution for our customers.

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SSG engages with customers to deliver an automation solution and gain a deeper understanding of their business processes to improve efficiency and transparency.

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Smart Warehousing

By utilizing smart warehousing SSG, customers can improve their productivity, efficiency, and accuracy while eliminating human error, risk of injury, and maximizing throughput.

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Supply Chain Management

SSG is committed to streamlining the process at each stage of the supply chain to ensure that consumers receive the goods as and when it is required.

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System Integration

SSG can provide integration and management solutions that integrate all ecological systems, allowing your firm to provide consistency to service delivery, manage multi-sourcing, turn data into insights, and drive core business activities.