Transportation Industry

Manage your fleet, beyond the basic tracking facilities, analyze every facet of your fleet with Advanced Telematics Solution– whether it is Route Management, Dispatch Scheduling, Driver Activity Monitoring, Vehicle Monitoring, and Fuel Consumption Analysis –and boost efficiency as well as profits.

Vehicle Tracking and Route Management IoT solution for the Transportation and Logistics industry, streamline your Logistics operations using real-time data and alerts to optimize delivery routes and monitor performance. The real-time accurate data becomes very useful while making intelligent business decisions.

Key Features of YLogApp

Vehicle Tracking

Route Planning and Optimization

Dispatch Management

Geofence Management/POI

Effective resource utilization

Enhanced safety and security features

Estimated Time Arrival (ETA)

Alerts and notifications for exceptional events

Fuel Utilization and Idling status

Driver Performance and analysis

On board announcement system

2-Way communication mechanism

Various compliance reports

Fleet tracking is something much more than just tracking locations of your fleet, it’s about solving real business challenges. YLogApp, allows fleet managers to process optimization for operational efficiency and reduce delivery time by providing real-time insights into fleet operations.

Some challenges, as a Fleet manager you face

Route Optimization

Hefty and irrelevant expenditures

Delay Deliveries

Excessive fuel consumption

High maintenance cost

Customer satisfaction

YLogAPP, an Advance Advance Telematics Solutions empowers you to

Real-time fleet monitoring

Dispatch Management

Reduce Operational Costs

Ensure Faster Delivery

Hierarchy level access

ERP Integration

IoT transforms the transport, Logistics and Fleet management industry that proves to be an essential aspect of the entire industrial segment bringing immense benefits to both industry and end customers